A Tragedy of Choices

Someone warned me that “what will be hard about blogging is choosing what to blog about.” I think they were being sincere, but I have also concluded they were wrong. I have no trouble finding things to express an opinion on. If you don’t believe me, just ask my wife, my children, my parents, my co-workers or anyone else who has endured more than 10 minutes of my company. My long-windedness and propensity for sharing is not a characteristic I have humble delusions about. However, there was I time when I was shy … and that time has passed. It is perhaps this trait that my blogging adviser had ailed to take into consideration when they warned me about blogging. It is also possible that they simply supposed that their own experience or experience of others would map unto mine regardless of my character. No.

Blogging does present its challenges; however, a lack of topics is not one of them. By adding a few qualifiers, though I think that their advice might become more appropriate, perhaps the greatest feat is “choosing what to blog about that you are an authority on or that people will want to read about or that won’t spontaneously generate a mob of lyncher’s bent on revenge.” Now that is a worthy challenge. I don’t really like to express the types of opinions that people generally expect. I like to be disruptive, particularly in social situations. At work, I can reign it in to maintain an income. In my personal life, however, I don’t feel so restricted. There are potential social repercussions, although obstacles are not the hardest ones to navigate. The same reason that makes me likely to offend, also emotionally inoculates me from the consequences. I accept and welcome dissent. No, the real obstacle is to blog about something people will want to read.

Relatively early in life, I learned about taste. I don’t share it with people as much as or as intuitively as “most” other people. I like vitel tonne (a dish my wife, no matter how beloved, does not share my affection for). I also enjoy geodesic domes (a lot). I support anti-nationalism. I could go on and on, as I have said before, I am too likely to do so.

So, I am not the subject matter “expert” I need to be on other peoples’ tastes. Help! Once a week, I will blog about something someone else suggests! This is an experiment. Do not misuse this privilege. At least don’t misuse it too much.

Fire away. Let me know what I should blog about.


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