Balance your Dedication with Understanding


Balance is usually the key. Bad things happen when things go out of balance. When something is in balance it is not changing or if it is changing its adjusting at the same rate. When something is out of balance it tips over, falls down, crashes or even explodes. Generally losing balance happens quickly and is hard to correct.

In one of my previous posts I discussed the issues of technology and social impact and I promised I would offer a solution to their common opposition. Balance, I believe, is the solution. Balance between commitment or dedication to new technology and the effort and resources applied to understanding the impact of that technology. Often the pursuit of new technology ignores the impact and its the impact that gets us.

This is well understood in pharmacology where every drug must have its impact studied before being released to the public. No point finding a cure for cancer if it gives you a heart attack. Pharmacology gets it wrong when they spend more money finding a use for a drug without putting equal (or more importantly enough) effort in determining its total effect. Of course, sometimes even when enough effort or balance is applied we still get it wrong. Technology and change can be dangerous, but it should not be reckless.

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