No Man is an Island

It is a lesson that I have had to learn and re-learn again and again. Few things in life are truly an individual pursuit or can achieved on one’s own. I had a somewhat naive notion that creative writing was solitary labour. Although writing my novel did indeed require a lot of personal time, and even some isolation, it quickly became clear to me that it was a collaborative effort. There were obvious accomplices who provided proofing, editing, ideas, research and valuable criticisms, but as my work progressed, I gradually became more and more acutely aware that there were plenty of collaborators who worked behind-the-scenes to provide everything from inspiration to physical and emotional sustenance. This has made giving the appropriate recognition to everyone who deserves it, an almost insurmountable task. So, here is my modest, yet sincere attempt at proclaiming my appreciation to all of those that I have omitted formally in my book’s acknowledgements:

Thank you!  I hope that I may repay the favour with interest someday.

F.L. Ciano

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