The new technology imagined in Digital Wilderness seems eerily similar to what exists today making the story frighteningly close to home. The characters and relationships are well drawn and believable. Both the plot and pace make F.L. Ciano’s first novel a compelling and enjoyable read.

Robert B. Lowe
Author of Project Moses

The quest of those in power to control and subjugate is as old as civilization. However, what happens when their tools evolve from swords and spears to a digital interface directly into the human mind?
F. L. Ciano explores this important topic through a narrative that is engaging, technologically credible and socially plausible. In a classic Trojan Horse maneuver, the HADI (Human Augmentation Digital Interface) technology is introduced as something that will help humanity, while the corporations and government agencies who created it have a deeper and more sinister goal in mind. However, they are not all-powerful. Something unexpected happens with a potential to derail their plans.
In a world where man merges with the machine, our main characters manage to keep their humanity. I thoroughly enjoyed this fresh and timely take on the age old battle between good and evil.

Miljan Braticevic

F.L. Ciano delivers an original and fast paced adventure. The characters are fully developed and gripping, the dialogue natural and captivating, and the scenery vivid. For an edge-of-your-seat experience, I highly recommend it!

Ally McMahon

Edward Phillips is a brilliant software developer who is recruited by a professor to work for an advanced technology company, Virton Technologies. When one day he unknowingly stumbles upon Virton’s dangerous intentions for the technology Edward and the other employees are building, Edward decides to make his escape from Virton—but not without some unexpected help.

“Digital Wilderness” is a science fiction thriller that will have you hooked the moment you begin reading. As Ed realizes the danger he’s in, he must plot his daring escape and retreat into the wilderness. This novel includes action, artificial intelligence and is highly addictive. It has a great premise that could easily be turned into a blockbuster movie. Great novel by F.L. Ciano!

Arlene D. in Los Angeles

This is an intriguing, entertaining, and thought-provoking thriller that readers will delve into with ease and won’t want to put down. The near-future technology at its heart is completely plausible, and thus goads us into considering the frightening potential implications of our intimate relationships with machines. While fearsome, it is also a great deal of fun to read.

E. Freeman in Toronto

Once I began reading F. L. Ciano’s “Digital Wilderness”, I could not put the book down. Why did I find this sci-fi thriller so captivating? Blame it on the combination of the action-packed story, a fantastic premise, and well-developed characters. I highly recommend this book to everyone who is fascinated by artificial intelligence.

Bob Cobb in Bangkok

This book is highly addictive. The premise is incredibly creative, and very believable. With artificial intelligence, action, a bit of romance, corporate espionage, this is a book that I can see becoming a major motion picture. Edward’s character is brilliantly developed to a point that you find yourself cheering him on, and wishing to be a part of his and Noc’s world.
I would recommend this book to anyone that likes science fiction, thrillers, or just a really fun book that will capture your mind and attention for days. I would give it a five out of five!

Lisa White in Portland

With the advent of wearable tech, is HADI (Human Augmentation Digital Interface) an imaginative idea or a probable reality? F.L. Ciano explores this idea in Digital Wilderness, and does an outstanding job of illustrating the potential pitfalls and terrifying outcomes of this technology.
If someone else has control of your mind, what’s to stop them from using you like a puppet? In the case of Digital Wilderness, it’s Edward Phillips with a little help from a special friend – Noc.
I really enjoyed this novel and found it to be well written, entertaining, and smooth.
While this is in the sci-fi category, I would easily recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good thriller, espionage, or technology-centric story.
Will definitely read more from this author

Jenna Aimsley in California

Having had a passion since the 1960’s for technological innovation and its impact on the evolution of our society, I was captivated by F. L. Ciano’s Digital Wilderness. Not wanting to put the book down, I found myself as absorbed as when I used to read Marshall McLuhan’s and Alvin Toffler’s writings, with the added enjoyment of Ciano’s insights being framed in a “007” spin full of twists and turns. Can’t wait for his next book.

Rene Pardo, Toronto

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